My name is Lionel ZOCLANCLOUNON

i’m a web developer and entreprener.

I’ve taught myself how to code at age 18, and then decided to make an engineering school and took computer science classes.

Coding is the way for me to solve real social problems.

I’m an entrepreneur in my soul and I’m armed with my coding skills to take on that challenge.

My Way of Life

I’m a learner, I spend my time learning new languages, new techno, new abilities.

I like to work on side projects, or just contribute to other people project by coding and improving the vision.

I learn enough to be Coder/Investor/Entrepreneur/Thinker.

By the way, i’m a big crypto-currency enthusiasts, I think there are solving some real problems and giving some new ways to exchange value. Cryptocurrencies are a good way to bring the unbanked into the economy.


Every Body’s Got a Dream,  You’ve Got To Have A Plan.     –CHRIS GARDNER